Physical Exams

Physical Exams for Adults & Seniors

At The Nurse’s Office, we provide routine and comprehensive annual physical exams for adults and seniors, as well as specialty exams for sports and work. We invite you to learn about routine physical exams for adults and seniors below.

We are accepting and welcoming new patients at this time. For more information about physical or routine or specialty physical exams, to learn about our primary care providers, or to schedule an appointment with one of our nurse practitioners, please contact us by calling 860.603.3541. We are here and ready to serve you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Physical Exams for Adults

An annual physical exam is vital to adults’ health. In addition to discussing your medical history and recent health, our primary care providers will give you a chance to ask any questions and voice any concerns about your health and well-being.

Our providers will check your vitals, including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and temperature. We will also check your general appearance, examine your heart health, listen to your lungs, and perform head, neck, abdominal, neurological, skin, and extremities exams. In addition to assessing general health of all of our adult patients, our providers perform specialized exams for our male and female patients, such as testicular and breast exams, to monitor for the development of any gender-related health concerns.

Depending upon your age, health, and medical history, we may order lab testing. This may include a complete blood count, blood chemistry panel, urinalysis, lipid panel, and / or blood sugar level.

As part of your physical exam, we will discuss disease prevention with you. Lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, and cigarette smoking, are important for lowering or minimizing risks and protecting your health for years to come.

If you have a physically demanding job or have applied for one, please speak with us about our work physical exams. We can coordinate with your employer or potential employer to get the necessary information.

If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, have gained weight, or have suffered an injury or arthritis and wish to participate in a new activity, sport, or exercise regime, please ask us about our sports physicals. Knowing what your body can handle safely is vital to ensuring your safety and success.

Physical Exams for Seniors

Yearly exams are necessary for seniors. Geriatric physical exams can be quite similar to physical exams for adults outlined above. In addition, our providers will also discuss and evaluate special considerations for elderly people, such as gait (walking), balance, dizziness, falls, sensory deficits, confusion, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, and malnutrition.

During a geriatric physical exam, we also ask questions about home life, environment, safety, psycho-social factors, and more to ensure we have a complete picture of our elderly patients’ health and well-being. This allows us to make recommendations for additional support, such as in-home care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy that could improve safety and well-being.

If you are ready to schedule a physical exam for you or a loved one, please contact us today at 860.603.3541.


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